Errand service completes the picture

A lot of life is in the details. You need the dry-cleaning before attending the big event, groceries before dinner. Our errand running service fulfills all those needs giving the individual more time. With an increasing number of workers trying to balance the demands of raising children, caring for aging family members, maintaining their home and work responsibilities, work/life balance is more important than ever. Our workplace concierge company achieves this by providing a professional, experienced staff across North America to whom your employees can delegate all of the necessary running around!

The vanguard of concierge companies

Most concierge companies offer only phone and web-based assistance, but not 2 Places At 1 Time. We go beyond the quick answer Internet research by offering additional “feet on the street” in over 437 locations across North America. While you and your colleagues soldier from meeting to planning session, cafeteria to desk, you can keep morale high and your team focused on the task at hand knowing you have a direct line to complete support from a vanguard of concierge companies.

Errand services & the business of life

Our robust reputation is built on a foundation of providing great service. From meeting contractors at your home to wedding planning, we’re prepared to assist with whatever life throws at you. Then we manage it like the business it is. Your busy professionals will find tremendous value in our concierge and errand running services whether integrated into the fabric of their every day life or as a safety net during their busiest times.

We look forward to simplifying the lives of your busy professionals.



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