Concierge services increase customer retention

Cultivating business relationships takes skill. When it’s done well, it can be the most productive element of your business’ growth. We’ve seen it work from our own success among other concierge companies: a focused program, instead of tunnel vision for the great unknown, is solid business practice. After all, the old adage holds true, “It’s cheaper to keep a customer than to replace them.” What better way to retain customers than to give them more valuable time in their busy day? Our corporate concierge service adds hours to your customers’ day, and sends your message of appreciation loud and clear.

Corporate concierge is a meaningful touch point

How many opportunities do you have to interface with your most valued customers? How many times are they reminded of the important roll your company plays in their life? Your company will be a frequent, positive thought in the minds of your customers when you offer our corporate concierge services. Without you lifting a finger, customers will associate high touch benefits like the purchase and delivery of the perfect gift, dry-cleaning hanging in their closets, and their precious pets walked and groomed, with your company. When 2 Places At 1 Time is integrated into the day-to day lives of your most meaningful customers, they will be your customers forever! Read our testimonials to learn more.

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