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We’ve been called “life-savers,” “God-sends,” “gophers for hire”, “helping hands” and quite a few other good things, but our real name describes us best. Think of us asserting your agenda elsewhere, while you’re exactly where you need to be. For nearly two decades, we’ve created world-class concierge services for corporations throughout North America. From Fortune 500 companies to privately-held corporations, we tailor our service to the unique needs of each business to craft valuable corporate concierge programs.

Experience high performance with a corporate concierge

Our concierges get to know your customers and what they need. Whether it’s their spouse’s birthday or the flavor of their favorite ice cream, every time we work together, our corporate concierge is working to guarantee our performance and your customer loyalty. We retain customer preferences in our proprietary customer profile system. This helps us create a pattern of setting expectations high and delivering satisfaction. The core philosophy of 2 Places At 1 time realizes our work is an extension of your best efforts, which is why we consistently bring every element of professionalism to even the smallest task.

Easy and interactive concierge services

Our concierge services utilize our proprietary web-based integrated system for tracking all requests with detailed customer profiles and preferences. After all, if customers are so busy they need a concierge, they’re certainly too busy to remind us of the little things like their favorite sushi restaurant or where their dog goes to the vet! Our institutional memory doesn’t stop there. We know there’s distinct value in detailed information that we retain to allow us to serve our clients better. We also carefully recruit staff with experience to safeguard and leverage this knowledge to benefit our customers. We hire locals in your marketplace to maintain our rigorous standards, bring tremendous local knowledge and a network of top vendors ready to serve our customers. Other concierge services outsource it all. With 2 Places, requests can be placed over the phone, Internet, or in person. Once we complete a task, an end user receives electronic confirmation with a quality feedback form, promoting “real time” utilization and customer feedback reporting. After all, we are eager to provide extensive quantitative and qualitative data demonstrating our program’s success!

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