Support for the Entire Family

Here are some examples of how our concierge service truly has an impact on the entire family:

My mother and I want to write a letter of gratitude to the lovely Sherri B. and your company. Sherri brings groceries to my elderly mother in her nursing home every other week. Everything she and Myhelper do for my mother means a lot to her, and to me as well. Thank you for your patient caring. I know you could see my mother as a just a job, but you treat her like a human being which she doesn't always get due to her disability. Thanks again. You even remember to greet my mom's dog Chloe by name. You are a true asset to Myhelper and we are appreciative.

While I value the My Helper service, I must add that the service I received from Natasha far exceeded my expectations. She expressed a genuine amount of empathy towards my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Although I have never met Natasha, working with her was like having a dear friend or family member help me to research charitable organizations to assist with my mother’s enormous medical cost. I had total confidence that she was the right person doing the research on my behalf. Natasha I appreciate your superior service. Keep up the excellent work!

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