Travel Assistance to the Rescue!

LesConcierges came to the rescue of a weary traveler:

My Helper came to my rescue in the middle of the night.... My family missed our connecting flight to Tampa, FL on Sunday night at 11:30 PM (due to mechanical issues). The next flight booked would get us into Tampa the following day at 12:15 AM (midnight). However, we were able to scurry over to a flight going to Orlando, FL right at that exact moment. In a hurried rush, we boarded as they were closing the airplane doors. Because the plane doors were closed, all cell phone conversations had to cease. But how were we going to get to Tampa once we landed in Orlando? I quickly called My Helper @ 11:58pm, heard someone pick up the phone, and rattled off my request in 30 seconds. My one way conversation was something like this, "I need a rental car to pick up at Orlando airport and drop off at Tampa airport at 1:30 a.m., here's my employee number and personal email address. Send me a confirmation - I hope you can do it! Gotta go!" Lo and behold, when the plane landed I checked my email and wahla! My car was reserved by My Helper with all my information pre-filled on the reservation and I was ready to go. I just gave my D.L. ID to the rental car agent (at 2:30am) and drove the 1 hour 30 minutes to Tampa. Long night but at least My Helper made my stress level a bit easier.

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