Goodbye Work/Life Balance; Hello Work/Life Integration

I have been in the work/life field for over 20 years and have observed how the name of this industry has changed over time. In the early days (mid to late 80’s), “child care” and “elder care” were used to describe what we were doing. Then “family-friendly” was a term coined by many (to encompass those that didn’t have child or elder care issues). “Work/life balance” was introduced in the late 90’s and is still used today to describe the push and pull of the workforce on our personal and professional lives. Once again, this term is morphing and the phrase “work/life integration” is the new buzz word.

Work/life balance connotes that either work or life plays the central role at any given time in one’s career. Most of us know that, in reality, this is not actually how it plays out. Work/life balance is hard to achieve, however, work/life integration has a more positive feel to it. Integrating your work and personal lives seems more doable and realistic in today’s society. It’s not a one-or-the other scenario, but a blended solution.

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