Errand Running Services Contribute to Increased Employee Productivity

By offering errand running services, you will contribute significantly to improving your employees’ productivity. For populations with less than 5,000 employees, LesConcierges saves employees an average of 300 hours per month which equates to tens of thousands of dollars saved. By providing easy access to errand runners, your workforce will be less stressed and more engaged so they can work more efficiently. Common requests include: picking up lunch or a prescription, taking a pair of shoes to be repaired, getting new tires put on your car or your oil changed, overseeing a handyman at your residence, walking your dog, and shipping packages. Employees commented:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Such a treat to have help getting my pesky "To Do" list completed.”

“It frustrates me to leave work during business hours for personal errands. Having the ability to use the concierge service to take care of those errands is something I am VERY grateful for.”

“This is one of the most helpful benefits we have :-) Thank you!”

“This is an important and great service. I'm so thankful my company cares about my work/life balance.”

“Amazing experience. This is my favorite employee benefit.”


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