Employees choose work-life balance as a reason to stay in the company

More employers choose to stay at their job for work-life balance as opposed to higher pay, co-workers and benefits.

Despite the economy, 67 percent of the employees surveyed will stay in a job if it allows them to focus on family and other needs outside of work, according to American Psychological Association.

The American Psychological Association conducted a survey that found only 59 percent of employees will stay at a job because of the pay and 60 percent will stay because of the benefits.

"Americans spend a majority of their waking hours at work and, as such, they want to have harmony between their job demands and the other parts of their lives," said David W. Ballard, the head of American Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. "To engage the work force and remain competitive, it's no longer sufficient to focus solely on benefits. Today, top employers create an environment where employees feel connected to the organization and have a positive work experience that's part of a rich, fulfilling life."

When surveyed, 72 percent of women stayed at their jobs for a work-life balance as opposed to 62 percent of the men. Also, more young adults, those between the ages of 19 to 34, preferred a work-life balance, 61 percent, than other criteria such as benefits, enjoying work, the managers and benefits, according to the article.

"For employees who said they plan to stay with their current employers more than two years, the biggest drivers of expected tenure were enjoying the work, having a job that fits well with other life demands and feeling connected to the organization," according to the press release.

By Erin Hong, Deseret News


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