On-site Concierge Service Offered at Tryon Plaza

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On-site Concierge Service Offered at Tryon Plaza, Uptown Charlotte’s Only Office Condominium Building.

Charlotte, NC, November 27th, 2007 – Tryon Plaza hopes to help new office condominium owners and their employees by giving them the most valuable assets – TIME and MONEY. Tryon Plaza is doing so by providing on-site full-time concierge services to handle life’s numerous tasks and the convenience is frequently coupled with a significant discount!

Instead of having to worry about fulfilling personal commitments, like meeting contractors at the home and picking up your troop’s Girl Scout cookies, Tryon Plaza owners just reach for the phone or log into their personalized profile on the concierge website. No longer are they ordering lunch deliveries or sending gifts to their best business prospect. The concierge can handle that and so much more. After all, who else knows how you like your shirts laundered, your pet’s name and your spouse’s birthday? The concierge service, provided by the premier corporate concierge provider 2 Places At 1 Time, Inc, is a significant market place differentiator for Tryon Plaza allowing professionals to fully leverage their time and remain focused on the important tasks at hand. Beneficial services offered include, but are not limited to, online grocery/personal shopping, dry cleaning, shoe repair, travel planning, catering/dinner arrangements, last minute gifts and many other miscellaneous tasks. The concierge also negotiates discounts with local vendors to find the best service at the best price.

The advantages of having a concierge are endless. Owners will appreciate reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and morale amongst their staff. Employees will enjoy being able to handle multiple tasks with ease, thus reducing daily stress and work/life balance. Meanwhile, the concierge stands ready to assist owners and their staff at Tryon Plaza in a manner unprecedented in the Charlotte business community. For more information please contact David Jewell @ 704.347.0399.



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